Garrett Hoelscher Biography

Garrett Hoelscher has a diverse background that has equipped him to serve a variety of clients in his work as a financial analyst. As a junior financial analyst at Longitude Capital Advisors in Stamford, Connecticut, Garrett Hoelscher conducts statistical analysis and research as part of a team of debt market experts. The Emory University graduate has come full circle from his beginnings as a summer intern in commercial banking at ING in New York City.

Following that internship, Hoelscher took on a new challenge—as general manager and commissioner of Wine Country Baseball. He organized and managed twelve new semi-professional teams during his time in Sonoma and Napa Valley.

While in California as a baseball general manager and commissioner, Garrett Hoelscher managed a $350,000 operational budget and brought in $85,000 in game day revenue. Garrett Hoelscher took responsibility for hiring team managers, leasing venues, scheduling, concessions, advertising, and public relations.  Within three months as general manager of the teams, Garrett Hoelscher was promoted to commissioner, taking overall responsibility for providing family entertainment to more than 20,000 clients of this brand new baseball league.

Garrett Hoelscher’s next opportunity was far from the comfort of Wall Street. Aspen, Colorado offered an opportunity to transition from his position as commissioner of a sports business venture and start his own business. Entrepreneurship is something studied by many and experienced by few. Aspen offered the perfect balance of sport, adventure and the practice of business principles once learned in the classroom.

Working with independent business people, Garrett again experienced first hand many of the core disciplines required in starting a business. Involvement with importing, finance, marketing, accounting, local zoning and permitting, human resources, public relations, and the realities of payroll and client services prepared Garrett for the realities of corporate life. As Garrett says, “it’s one thing to read about businessmen that take risk and have vision. It’s quite another to work shoulder to shoulder with people that represent the heart of what capitalism is all about.”

In discussing this season of his life, Garrett Hoelscher is always ready to speak about his mountain experiences. Rocky Mountain peaks, many feet of snow and a passion for skiing combined to offer a fulfilling window and the chance to evaluate what he had experienced while in New York City and where he wanted to direct his professional career. In the end, capital markets provide the most stimulating environment and opportunity for growth and expansion of his core skill sets.

Away from work, Garrett Hoelscher enjoys a variety of pastimes, including mountain trekking, skiing, and lacrosse. He also participates in CrossFit, a rigorous strength and conditioning training program. While pursuing a degree in Financial Economics at Emory, Garrett Hoelscher played on the school’s SELC Championship-winning Men’s Lacrosse team.

During his time in college, Garrett Hoelscher was recognized for his academic success by being named to the Dean’s Honor List. Prior to graduation, he was a Dean’s Cup recipient. While he has enjoyed living in Georgia, California, and Colorado, Garrett Hoelscher is now happy to call Greenwich, Connecticut home.

With a background of business start-up expertise, Garrett Hoelscher brings financial savvy and experience to the table.  This financial analyst knows what it takes to run a successful business and is eager to help associates attain their goals.